Next Season Tryout Information


At Legends Basketball, we hold youth basketball tryouts every season. Each tryout will occur at the beginning of the new season starting in the fall and moving forward through the season. Once your player has submitted their player form, they will be entered to tryout for our youth basketball leagues. If you’re interested in having your youth basketball player tryout for our upcoming seasons, have them fill out a player profile here. Click on the applicable season that player will be ready to tryout for.


Winter Youth Basketball Tryouts:
Winter Season: December Through February

Boys: 4th – 11th grade

Spring Youth Basketball Tryouts:
Spring Season: March through May
Boys: 4th – 11th  grade

Summer Youth Basketball Tryouts:

Summer Season: June through August
Boys: 4th – 11th  grade

Fall Youth Basketball Tryouts:
Fall Season: September through November
Boys: 4th – 11th  grade


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We believe that our youth basketball training is among the best in Kansas. Our youth basketball leagues help our players prepare for youth basketball tournaments that are frequently held in Kansas City. Having your youth player join Legends Basketball helps them move forward in competitive basketball in the Kansas youth basketball community.