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Benefits of Participating in League of Legends Basketball Events: Grades two through twelve.

1. Team Division Match-Ups – Guaranteed same competitive skill level division placement matchup. Team classifications are as follows:

  • D1-Gold – Teams with high to elite skill experience at a competitive level.
  • D2-Silver – Teams with mid to high skill experience at a competitive level.
  • D3-Bronze – Teams with developmental experience to mid level skills at a competitive level.

**Teams will only play against same classified competitive skill level division opponents**

League of Legends Basketball will not combine skill level division classifications to complete a tournament package or division. A.) Team Roster must be completed prior to tournament commencing; no additional players will be allowed to be added on the roster once the roster is submitted or at anytime during the remainder of the tournament. B.) No team cross-over or substitution allowed in the tournament, such as individual player(s), team of players from your team’s organization or another team’s organization will not be permitted to fill in or replace an existing team’s schedule for that game in its place; unless said team forfeits or is disqualified and a qualified replacement team is available to participate, subject for approval by the Host Director. C.) The team’s players that are scheduled on the roster for the game must be available to participate or that team will forfeit that game; unless an extreme, emergency, or out of control circumstance deem impossible, and the only appropriate solution is a scheduled time change that is in alignment with the tournament. This must coordinate with the overall tournament schedule and is an acceptable option, subject for approval by the Host Director.

2. Tournament Officials – A minimum of Certified High School MSHSAA/KSHSAA officials, two per game.

3. AAU Team Awards – Winners from each division will receive awards as follows:

  • 1st & 2nd place team, will receive an AAU engraved team trophy and AAU individual engraved medals. 3rd place team, will receive AAU individual engraved medals.
  • Stop Clock – Stop clock on every official whistle for all games and all divisions.

4. Scouts Honor Team Integrity Division Classification – Teams will be classified in the division by the player on the team with the highest grade and oldest age. This will be based on the present academic grade; the only exception is if that player qualifies to play down based on the grade and age exception rule { click here for eligiblity rules for AAU basketball }. All Non-athletes/coaches and team managers are responsible, required to, and account for their team’s grade/age eligibility to participate in the basketball tournament division competition.

Proof of Grade/Age – Each player must be available for review, by an AAU designee at all AAU sanctioned competitions, if requested. If said information is not available, the team is subject to removal from the competition without a refund. Acceptable documents include the following:

  • A photocopy of that portion of the athlete’s report card for the current school year which shows name, grade and school.
  • Confirmation of grade level from a school administrator (guidance counselor, principal, dean, etc.) on school letterhead
  • A photocopy of his certificate of live birth from the State, County or Municipal Bureau of Vital Statistics on the place of birth (Hospital Records Not Accepted)
  • A photocopy of the delayed registration of birth, if the athlete’s birth was not recorded on this day of birth, issued by the same governing bodies.
  • An unexpired Passport
  • Valid Drivers License or State issued I.D.

Coaches/Team Managers must have on hand and be available for proof of grade/age at all League of Legends Basketball events no exception and will be enforced. If a player is found to be ineligible prior to the start of a sanctioned competition, the player will be expelled from the competition and the team will continue.

If a player is found to be ineligible after the competition has started, the player will be expelled from the competition and the team will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player was listed on the official score sheet. The team may continue to participate, if applicable, without the expelled player.

6. Pick & Hoop Game Guarantee: You Decide We Organize – The League of Legends Basketball’s Pick & Hoop format for all divisions will be used. Team Coaches/Managers, accepted and approved by the Host Director will have the option and/or preference to select from a multiple of 5,4,3,2 game guarantee–formats: uniquely to their division matchup.

7. Online Scores, Stats, and Rankings – Individual player stats and team scores, and ranking will be posted regularly online via www.leagueoflegendsbasketball.com website.

8. Online Game Video – Online game video of championship games, and highlights, of other tournament games will be available for viewing via www.leagueoflegendsbasketball.com website.

9. Championship Game for Each Division – A championship game will take place in every division during the tournament.

10. Tournament Schedule – Team schedule will be posted at least 7 days prior to the event.

11. New & Competitive Team Matchups – New and existing competitive Team(s)/Player(s) matchup to compete against regularly. The League of Legends Basketball will reach out and lobby for new team matchups through our “Super Regional Boarder-less Connection”.

12. “No Name Dropping” Discloser Guarantee – Teams participating in the League of Legends Basketball tournament will only be revealed (1) after the final tournament deadline (2) paid registration (3) completed schedule. The League of Legends basketball administrator may disclose the number of registered and/or notice of intent to participate in the applicable division prior to the tournament deadline, by request only. Any team conflicts must be brought to the Host Director attention prior to deadline for resolution.

13. Public Announcements & Music – Game announcements and music will be provided at League of Legends Basketball tournament events.

14. College Recruiting Scouts – League of Legends Basketball will provide an attractive atmosphere for college recruiting scouts to observe and monitor youth athlete’s basketball team play execution, skill level, team player attributes, temperament, and character, as they compete in our tournament events. This will include college and university basketball from varies associations including NCAA Certified Events for scholarship opportunities.

15. AAU Sanction Basketball Events – Teams will benefit from a tournament with AAU Nationally recognized brand and logo, multi-million dollar insurance program, and established recognized sport rules.

16. AAU National Qualifying Events – Our Super Regional Championship Tournament events will give teams all over the region opportunities to qualify for National Championship games.

17. Multiple Team or Multiple Tournament Discounts – Three or more teams or three or more tournament entries will receive a multiple team discount.

18. Concession – Food and snacks will be sold at all League of Legends Basketball tournament events.

19. Early Bird Registration – Coaches/Team Managers that register their teams on or before the Early Bird Registration deadline will receive a discount.

20. Online Registration – During open registration Coaches/Team Managers can register their teams, complete a team roster, and pay by credit card Visa or MasterCard, all online via League of Legends Basketball website.

The League of Legends is always in Perpetual Motion, its philosophy is to “Run Faster than an Eagle can fly.”



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