Legends Basketball Program

“Today’s Youth Becoming Tomorrow’s Legends”

The Legends Basketball Program is a year round competitive AAU basketball program where basketball teams of boys and girls in grades THREE through TWELVE have the opportunity to participate in competitive tournaments and leagues year round. The Legends teams are formed with youth from various counties in the Kansas City Metropolitan area: Jackson, Cass, Platte, Clay, Johnson, Wyandotte, Miami, & Leavenworth County. The Legends Basketball Program is an excellent vehicle for youth basketball players to progress, execute, excel, and advance their individual skill through our skilled and experienced Coaches. Players’ performance is monitored and assessed in an effort to advance the player’s individual skill level and maximize their performance. Legends basketball teams participate in tournaments and leagues year round for opportunities to compete and execute their basketball skills. The Legends Basketball Program also serves as the parent organization for the League of Legends Basketball, whose primary function is to bring in and host AAU sanctioned competitive basketball events for youth through our tournaments, leagues, and to improve and increase exposure for youth’s college scholarships.


League of Legends Basketball

“Legendary Status…Rising Above Excellence & Greatness”

The purpose of the League of Legends Basketball is to establish and maintain year around basketball for students in grades THREE through TWELVE. League of Legends provides an avenue for youth basketball teams to develop, execute, excel, and advance in their team play and individual skills through our tournaments and league formats.

In addition, the League of Legends Basketball will serve as a platform for college recruiting scouts. They will observe and monitor athletes as they continually advance each year while working towards scholarships to be proficient in their future education and basketball endeavors. Our goal is to assist teams and players to compete in competitive basketball competition while advancing in all levels and maximizing their skills, allowing them the opportunity to compete at the highest level possible.

League of Legends Basketball primary focus is three fold. 1.) The aim is to seek, attract, and provide an atmosphere for college recruiting scouts to observe future athletes for colleges and universities scholarships. Recruiters can observe and monitor youth athlete’s progression as they advance in their basketball skills and educational years. 2.) League of Legends Basketball has chosen to join Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) to bring in and host AAU sanctioned competitive basketball events for youth through our tournaments and to improve and increase exposure for youth’s college scholarships. League of Legends tournaments are an extension to our Super Regional Championships where teams can qualify for AAU World Class National Championship events. 3.) League of Legends Basketball will host Invitational Tournaments and Super Regional championship events. League of Legends Basketball will serve as a platform to network and bring a variety of new competitive teams in our district and region to compete in both local and regional tournament events. This will be called our “Super Regional Boarder-less Connection,” where teams in our district and all over the region will have opportunities to qualify for AAU National Championship competitions through the League of Legends Basketball organization.

Why Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)

Through extensive research, the League of Legends Basketball has concluded that AAU offers the highest level of basketball interaction and recognition. AAU is one of the most recognizable names and sanctioned sports in America. This is why most American college scouts are attracted to AAU events. AAU sports and basketball events are the “Top Gun and Best of the Best” in serving youth athletes. It is among one the largest and most comprehensive multi-sport non-for profit organization in the World. In addition, AAU has the ability to compete in front of national televised audiences, through their partnerships with The Walt Disney Company, ESPN Worldwide Sports, local channels, and webcasting programs; as well as, iHoops, the AAU Junior Olympics, Annual Sullivan Award, President’s Challenge Program and their many Sponsors, Co-Sponsors, and Affiliates. The AAU has Famous Alumni NBA and WNBA professionals. A few supporters and recognizable basketball players and/or Hall of Famers are Michael Jordan, Ervin Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke, Cheryl Miller, Shaquille O’Neal, Candace Parker, Kobe Bryant, Nykesha Sales, Lebron James, Chamique Holdsclaw, Dwight Howard, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony , and the list goes on from past, present, and future basketball Champions and Hall of Famers.

AAU also offers protective insurance coverage for youth, coaches/team managers, and facilities through their annual memberships. The membership ensures teams, player athletes, and coaches/team-managers, et cetera, the highest level of insurance protection possible.

The League of Legends Basketball considers it a privilege to serve as a “bridge and/or pipeline” for proficient teams and players who want to advance their basketball skills.

The League of Legends is always in Perpetual Motion, its philosophy is to “Run Faster than an Eagle can fly.”


We Offer Three Competitive Divisions for all Skill Levels


  • D1-Gold – Teams with high to elite skill experience at a competitive level
  • D2-Silver – Teams with mid to high skill experience at a competitive level
  • D3-Bronze – Teams with developmental experience to mid level skills at a competitive level




  • DIVISION BOYS: Ages 10 & under – 18 & under; 3rd – High School grade
  • DIVISION GIRLS: Ages 11 & under – 18 & under; 4th – High School grade


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